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Orders in the Napoleonic era

Publisher Karabela has introduced a book describing orders awarded to Polish generals during the reign of Napoleon.
Orders in the Napoleonic era

The book is written by Tadeusz Jeziorowski and is titled "Ordery napoleońskie. Ordery generałów polskich w epoce napoleońskiej" ("The Napoleonic orders. Orders of Polish generals in the Napoleonic era").
The most notable illustrations in the book are done by the Polish artist Ryszard Morawski.

The new book describes orders worn by selected Polish generals in the Napoleonic era: 58 generals from the duchy of Warsaw and 10 Polish generals in the foreign service. The book contains information about the institution and statutes of orders, details about their design, names of decorated generals and under which circumstances their orders were awarded, etc.

The book is 168 pages with approx. 50 illustrations. The whole text is in both Polish and English.

Karabela has announced plans to publish a number of books in a series about decorations.

The price for the book is 25 Euros plus shipping and can be ordered (PayPal is accepted) here:
Ordery napoleońskie