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Event summary - British war and commemorative medals under Queen Victoria

The autumn season of the OMSD events was launched on September 10th at the Citadel in Copenhagen. Niels Elsborg gave a presentation of British war and commemorative medals instituted during the reign of Queen Victoria.
Event summary - British war and commemorative medals under Queen Victoria

Elsborg is a longtime meber of OMSD and has a vast knowledge of British medals. He gave an interesting presentation of Britain's activities around the world, e.g. Afghanistan - a country which is still torn by war - and the Boer War in South Africa, where several Danes fought on the side of the Boers against the British.

After the presentation, it was possible to admire some beautiful medals from Elsborg's own collection. Of special Danish interest was a Naval General Service Medal with bar "Copenhagen 1801". The medal was awarded to a sailor who participated in the battle of Copenhagen on April 2nd, 1801.
Another OMSD member displayed a number of medal groups from his collection, focusing on the First World War.