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Honouring art and culture

Chef Claus Meyer and coreographer John Neumeier are among the newly decorated.
Honouring art and culture

The order "Mérite Agricole"

French order to Claus Meyer

Claus Meyer is awarded the knight class of the French order "Mérite Agricole". The order was awarded on September 20th, 2020, but Meyer received the insignia during a ceremony at the French embassy on May 27th this year. Ambassador Caroline Ferrari stated that Meyer received the order due to his tireless efforts to promote Danish-French food culture.

The order was instituted on July 7th, 1883 and is administered by the Ministry of Agriculture. It survived de Gaulle's order reformation in 1963, which made 13 ministerial and 5 colonial orders obsolete. They were replaced by the National Order of Merit.

The order "Mérite Agricole" is nicknamed "the leek" due to the colours of its ribbon and the insignia's symbolic resemblance to a leek.

Ingenio et Arti to a ballet master

The American-German ballet master and coreographer John Neumeier was awarded the medal Ingenio et Arti by H. M. The Queen on May 19th. The medal was awarded at the Copenhagen Opera House after the premiere of the ballet "Mahler's 3. symphony". Over the years, Neumeier has lead several productions for The Royal Ballet.