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OMSD Journal

The OMSD Journal is published approx. 2 times a year.

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OMSD Books

OMSD has published several books with content related to orders and medals.

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OMSD Publishing

Ordenshistorisk Forlag is a publisher who - independent from OMSD - publishes books about orders and medals.

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OMSD Events

Coming events 2022:

5/2:Commission sale
9/3:General Meeting
4/4:The resurrected Swedish orders system
11/5:Medals instituted by Queen Margrethe

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Ribbon Guide

Click here to see a list of ribbons for Danish orders and medals.


Here knowledge, contacts and other information is requested.

The OMSD Collection

The OMSD Collection is a collection of orders, medals etc. donated to OMSD.


OMSD Events

Saturday the 5. February 2022   Commission sale

Copenhagen, The Citadel, "Gl. Varmecentral" - at 10:30ChIJecok-N9SUkYRM2v7tTvxyPg15

The list for registration of objects has previously been emailed to members.

A catalog is expected around January 12th.

Viewing from 10:30 - Sale from 12:00.

Wednesday the 9. March 2022   General Meeting

Copenhagen, The Citadel, "Gl. Varmecentral" - at 19:30ChIJecok-N9SUkYRM2v7tTvxyPg15

Agenda according to regulations.

Monday the 4. April 2022   The resurrected Swedish orders system

Copenhagen, The Citadel, "Gl. Varmecentral" - at 19:30ChIJecok-N9SUkYRM2v7tTvxyPg15

Tom Bergroth presents "The resurrected Swedish orders system".

Join us and hear the unusual story about the Swedish orders system.

Form January 1st, 1975, Swedish orders were no longer bestowed on Swedish citizens. Recently, a resurrection of former practice has been discussed - and now it is happening!.

Tom Bergroth has been associated with Kungl. Maj:ts Orden for many years - most recently as Ordensintendent.

Wednesday the 11. May 2022   Medals instituted by Queen Margrethe

Copenhagen, The Citadel, "Gl. Varmecentral" - at 19:30ChIJecok-N9SUkYRM2v7tTvxyPg15

Rolf Christensen presents "Medals instituted by Queen Margrethe".