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OMSD Journal

The OMSD Journal is published approx. 2 times a year.

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OMSD Books

OMSD has published several books with content related to orders and medals.

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OMSD Publishing

Ordenshistorisk Forlag is a publisher who - independent from OMSD - publishes books about orders and medals.

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OMSD Events

Coming events 2021:

18/9:Meeting in Kolding
5/10:General Meeting
10/11:Women and decorations
8/12:Christmas meeting

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Ribbon Guide

Click here to see a list of ribbons for Danish orders and medals.


Here knowledge, contacts and other information is requested.

The OMSD Collection

The OMSD Collection is a collection of orders, medals etc. donated to OMSD.


OMSD Events

Saturday the 18. September 2021   Meeting in Kolding

Kolding - All dayChIJqZXdASqgTEYR_czvbvrjjeo8

Time and location:
AMU Syd, C. F. Tietgens Vej, 6000 Kolding.


  • Kl. 10.30 Short introduction by Jan René Westh.
  • Kl. 10.40 Presentation by Jes Haberlandt of his collection of Red Cross orders and medals.
  • Kl. 11.00 Transportation (10 min.) in car to the above mentioned collection, Vagtelvej 5, 6000 Kolding.
  • Kl. 11.10 Visit to Jes Haberlandt's collection of Red Cross orders and medals.
  • Kl. 12.15 Lunch, AMU Syd: Sandwiches, beer, soft drinks.
  • Kl. 13.00 The Icelandic Order of the Falcon - Centennial. Presentation and small exhibition by Lars Stevnsborg.
  • Kl. 13.45 Coffee, tea cake.
  • Kl. 14.00 French Red Cross medals. Presentation and small exhibition by Jan René Westh.
  • Kl. 14.45 Floor is open for short subjects.
  • Kl. 15.15 Buy, sell, trade.
  • Kl. 16.00 The day has come to an end. Short exit note by Jan René Westh.

Practical informations:
Flags will be posted by the main entrance to "AMU Syd", and there is a large parking lot in front of the school. We are seated in the school's conference room, which has access to a small kitchen and rest rooms, and it is possible to use a projector etc. An employee of AMU Syd will assist with practical tasks.

For practical reasons, please register before Sept. 15th, to Jan René Westh,

Download as PDF (in Danish)

Tuesday the 5. October 2021   General Meeting

Copenhagen, The Citadel, "Topografistuen" - at 19:30ChIJecok-N9SUkYRM2v7tTvxyPg15

Agenda according to regulations.

Wednesday the 10. November 2021   Women and decorations

Copenhagen, The Citadel, "Spisesalen" - at 19:30ChIJecok-N9SUkYRM2v7tTvxyPg15

The meeting will follow the "Convention" model - i.e it's the members who define the content.

The main subject is decorations for women, decorated women etc. - in other words, everything concerning women and decorations.

Wednesday the 8. December 2021   Christmas meeting

Copenhagen, The Citadel, "Topografistuen" - at 19:30ChIJecok-N9SUkYRM2v7tTvxyPg15

Christmas meeting

Christmas meeting. The traditional Christmas meeting in the Society.