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Event summary - Cases for orders and medals

For the first time ever, cases for orders and medals were the focus of an OMSD event.
Event summary - Cases for orders and medals

The event took place on November 22nd, 2022 in the beautiful historic rooms of the Copenhagen Maritime Association ("Marineforeningen København") at Nyholm in Copenhagen.
Cases - with or without their content - from different countries like e.g. Denmark, France and Romania were presented.

On older cases, the lid can be embossed with the cypher of the reigning monarch, a crown or e.g. the name of the order belonging in the case.
Inside the lid, we can often find the name and address of the manufacturer of the order or medal.
Research of such information can often lead to a more precise estimaton of when the order or medal was manufactured. This method has never had very much attention among phaleristic researchers.

The presentation of the many interesting cases also gave a good impression of the quality of manufacturing in "the old days" - a quality that steeply declined later on. Later cases could be made of cardboard or plastic.

A special thanks to the Copenhagen Maritime Association for allowing us to use their interesting room.

Examples of the cases on display:

Examples of the cases on display
Examples of the cases on display